Video Submission FAQ

What is this?

This is for submitting “shout out” videos which will play when competitors pass the video board on the course. You can record a video for your friend, coworker, relative, etc.

The participant experience will be like this:

This is a new service and is being used as a pilot test at Lincoln Marathon, available for all full Marathon participants.

How do I record a video?

  1. When you visit the site, you must give it permission to access your camera in order to record a video. The site will only have permission to record while it is open.

  2. Search for your participant by name and select them from the search results. Then you will be shown a live image from your webcam.

  3. Prepare your message and click Record. When you have finished your message click Stop. Then click Review to check that your recording is to your liking.

  4. If the recording looks ok then click Upload to submit your video. If you want to re-record your video, you can click the Record button again.

  5. Wait until the video is submitted and you see a success message. At this point your camera is no longer being accessed.

Where will the video play?

The video board will be on Stadium Drive, near the end of the Marathon course, before runners enter the stadium to finish.

When will the video play?

When the participant crosses the timing system prior to the video board it will trigger their video.

Because there may be many participants with submitted videos passing the board simultaneously, it may not be possible to show everyone’s video.

Who can I submit a video for?

You can submit a video for any participant in the full Marathon distance.

What if I can’t find my participant?

The participant data is being updated as new registrations and changes are received, it might take a few days for recent entries to show up in the search, please check back.

You can also try searching by a partial first or last name - in case your participant used a different spelling, is listed under a nickname, etc.

Can multiple videos be submitted for one participant?

Yes, although they may not all be played back. Priority for playback will be for participants who haven’t had a video played yet. If time allows, multiple videos may be played for one participant.

How long does the video need to be?

The recording must be 5 to 10 seconds long. This gives long enough to get your participant’s attention, but not so long that other videos don’t have time to play.

Until what date can I submit a video?

Video submissions will be accepted until Thursday May 2nd at 8PM.

Will the videos be available online or elsewhere after the event?

No. The videos will only be played at the event when the participant passes the video board, if there is a time slot available. They will not be available online before/after/during the event.

Do I have to record the video on the website? Can I record it elsewhere and upload a file?

Sorry, but you do have to record the video using the submission website. In order to control video length, quality, format, etc. we can’t accept uploaded video files.

What are some ideas for messages to record?

You’re almost there, we knew you could do it!

You did great, I’ll be watching for you at the finish!

Way to go mom, I’m so proud of you! You’re almost to the finish line!

Why can’t I record on my iPhone/laptop/tablet?

Not all devices are supported for recording video at the moment. iOS devices and the Safari web browser are not currently supported.

What web browsers are supported?

Recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera are supported. Additionally you must have a built in camera or webcam and microphone in order to record a video.